Why Women Should Wear Heels

Growing up in the Lindy scene I have heard so many times how women should wear heels because that’s what women are suppose to do. We are women and women wear heels. Now I loved that traditional ideal but I never could get past the FEELING that being in heels gave me. Every attempt I had made to wear heels I felt off balanced; unstable; and constricted in my movement. I loved the idea of heels but came to the conclusion they were not for me. Since then, I have spoken with many other women who have said the same thing. It wasn’t until about a year ago..maybe even less…that I came to a realization.

Heels did not feel good because they showed me all my flaws.

When I wore heels I felt weak and unstable in them. Why? because I hadn’t figured out yet how to put my body in strong enough positions that let me be stable. I felt constricted. Why? because I let the idea of being in heels freak me out, causing so much tension in my body I couldn’t move with ease like I can in the comfort of my Keds.

So the reason I wear heels? Because they help keep me in check. I feel like I become a better and stronger dancer when I wear them. Wearing tennis shoes for a long period of time actually cause me to develop bad habits. I’m an not saying you should throw away all your tennis shoes! I love giving my feet a break while I’m teaching on my feet all day and  I love being in something with more cushion when I practice ariels. I think there is a time and place for everything. All I am saying is don’t just look at the fact that heels make you look like a classy woman but look at how heels can change your dancing for the better.

And this will take time. I made myself wear heels every social dancing night I could for two months before things started clicking for me. It was a stressful and disappointing time but I stuck with it and am so grateful. For those of you ladies still thinking heels are not for you, I encourage you to take the challenge and spend some time in them. They will not only compliment your vintage dresses much better but they might teach you a few things :)

Next post I will write about all the ways I have made dancing in heels more comfortable!

Stay Tuned!!

Ladies and their heels!

Sara Deckard

Nina Gilkenson

Alice Mei

Sharon Davis

And here is a video of a recent performance Dax and I did at Rusty Frank’s 13th Anniversary at Stompy Jones! I am wearing a pair of Remix shoes that I had sueded the bottom. After this dance I realized my next challenge to overcome is tight skirts!!