Moses Supposes – A remake of Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connors masterpiece.

Moses Supposes is one of the most inspiring Tap Dance numbers of all time. It is danced by Gene Kelly and Donal O’Connor in the movie Singing in the Rain, ¬†one of the greatest musicals of all time! This number is so inspiring because it is jam packed with body movement while tapping out sweet, swingin’ rhythms. This is DANCING! All the style, core twisting, rhythm and yummy goodness gets you begging for more.

Watch the Original Clip here on Youtube, I cannot embed it on our site.

Watch the Original

So, if you took a second to enjoy that, we humbly ask that you take a look at our first attempt to do this choreography. We competed with this at the US Open as a lip synced soft shoed piece. (I know…embarrassing) We couldn’t bring all the props for the full production to the stage so we improvised a bit and created a different beginning and aimed to make the tap as close to the movie as we could get off the video. Without the chairs we cannot do the best part, but the rest is there. Let us know what you think! Personally, Sarah was killing it. I am so proud of my girl, who learned this in about 1 week and exudes style while dancing this manish choreography like its no big deal…unbelievable!