Honeymoon or Open a Studio?

Considering the exciting fact that we travel all year long, we decided that after getting married we would take an all out Homey-moon. That’s right, lets totally not get go anywhere, not get on any airplanes, not stay in any hotels, not babble in any foreign languages and just enjoy being home for more than a week. As to be expected, it was one of the most relaxing times of our lives… for a week at least. Then I got this brilliant idea to open a dance studio in Los Angeles.

Seriously, what kind of man thinks of business during such a time?

Before you judge, here this; being home, being newly wed, and being pregnant got me seriously thinking. What if we could be home more often? What better way to make that happen than opening a local small business? So I admit to Sarah that I have been sneaking around on our Homey-moon while she was at the spa. Honestly, I couldn’t go looking at venues while she and I were frolicking through the streets of downtown after a spectacular meal at Botega Louie so I snuck out and checked out a few places while she was preoccupied. Shockingly, she took the news quite well and we were off to check out a few places!

How exciting, the thought of having our own dance school! We were getting really pumped and after seeing a few places we stumbled upon the ideal venue. It was downtown, zoned for live-work, laid out well and we could build. In addition Sarah was totally on board so there was nothing stopping us at this point.

lindyloft before As you all know by now, we went for it and called it The Lindy Loft. Come check us out in Downtown Los Angeles if you are ever in town. We are teaching classes regularly and hosting some cool parties with great live music and social dancing. www.lindyloft.com