Here is some information about how we teach and what we focus on in our classes and workshops.

Body Movement & Solo Exercises

Do you want great connection? Great connection comes from great body movement. Unique style? Unique style comes from unique body movement. Badass variations? Badass variations come from badass body movement. Improving at dancing comes from improving what great dancers do best, which is move their body. This is always a main focus.

What Makes Great Body Movement?

Rhythm – This is one of the biggest components of good swing body movement. Rhythm is more then just bounce or pulse. It is how you move and we will make sure you leave with a very clear understanding of what Rhythm is and what is isn’t.
Full Body Engagement – This might sound silly, but many dancers have trouble connecting their body to itself and engaging their whole body in their movements. You are probably disconnect within your own body if you are  isolating your arms and focusing on foot work instead of body movement. Think of leading or following instead of dancing. Holding tension in your free arms, making a frame and making life more difficult then it really needs to be. So many problems ranging from from excess tension to poor Rhythm come from not engaging your whole body while dancing. We will show you how to fix this and more importantly how to PRACTICE!

Body Matching & Partner Exercises

Improving your solo body movement will allow you to attain better partner dancing connection.  Body Matching is the main concept we us to connect to our partner. The idea is that if you and your partner are completely matched in body tension, then you no longer need to focus on leading and following because you are free to move as one 4-legged dance monster instead of 2 independent disconnected dancers trying to constantly control and be controlled. It is a totally different level of freedom, creativity and harmony.
Body Matching Exercises – Body Matching sounds simple, but it isn’t something you can hear and magically do. The truth is, it will never happen without practice. So many people now-a-days talk about “body matching”, but they don’t practice it,  and you can see it in their dancing that it is all talk. Body Matching isn’t something you can master; you can only improve and practice is the only way to get this to improvement. We have designed lots of body matching exercises which let you practice specific movements over and over so you can get the repetitions needed to make improvement. We also make you practice it in class, instead of just talk about it.

Variations & Application

Dancing wouldn’t be dancing if we didn’t free ourselves from the technique and exercises and express freedom and creativity to music. Variations are a great way to do this and we deliver them in a way that gives you creative control. Anything you do once you can do twice, big you can do small, forward you can do backwards and the list goes on. Our variations are never a pattern, and always give you options which keeps the dancing honest and social. It also allows for people to discover their own style and learn how to make their own choices. We just give the whole system a boost by giving inspiring frame work and showing various examples of how variations can be manipulated to fit the mood, music and situation.


We will do everything we can to help you become a better dancer and have a damn good time while doing it. Expect to have your boxes busted up if its your first time, but come with the intent to get inspired. Know that the only person that can change your dancing is you. We are here to help, guide and inspire you. We teach what we do and do what we teach, so come ready to work hard and immerse yourself in a new way of thinking with the hopes of creating a better way to move and dance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Keep Swinging!

Dax & Sarah

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