International Workshops

You can find us on tour several times a year at many of the large scale international swing dance camps and workshops. For a look at our tour schedule click here.

Local Classes in Los Angeles @ The Lindy Loft

We have opened a new studio in Down Town Los Angeles called The Lindy Loft. Group classes are running several days a week along with private lessons and social dancing to live bands. Check out for details.

Private Lessons

We offer private lesson while on tour and locally in Los Angeles. If you would like to book a private lesson with either of us, please use the form.


Expert instruction, personal feedback,  and structured learning to improve your swing dancing. You can learn year round from Dax and Sarah using the worlds most effect learning platform for dancing, RhythmJuice! Visit for details.

You can also learn about how we teach here. We tend to break a lot of lame rules that have been set over the years since ballroom instruction has influenced lindy hop. We don’t do things different to be different, we do it to get results. Hopefully we will see you in a class soon so you can experience it for yourself.

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