Ctrl+Alt+Dance – Worldwide Movie Premiere

Ctrl+Alt+Dance is about Colin, an unemployed security software specialist, who through a case of mistaken identity is hired as a dance teacher at a local school. An adventure ensues as he tries to stay one step ahead of a vengeful hacker, a suspicious principal, and a gorgeous dance instructor. Action overcomes fear as he falls head over heels into the world of Lindy Hop.

On March 12, 2015,  Ctrl+Alt+Dance the movie premieres in over 50 cites around the world! This feature length romantic comedy staring Sarah and I as the main characters gives movie goers an inside glimpse at the modern Lindy Hop scene, while providing swing dancers with some great dance sequences to look forward to.

If you haven’t already purchase tickets, you might still be able to catch a premiere near you. Check their website for details!