Crep’Swing Festival

Here is a recap or our adventures in Rennes during Crep’swing festival two weeks ago…

First of all: WOW! I ate wayyyyy to many crepes…I still get a little nauseous just hearing the word. I’m still in awe that the French can thrive off of eating mostly sugar and coffee all day. It’s impressive. lol

But seriously, Dax and I had a blast. Rennes is a pretty fabulous city. We the best hosts and everyone got to stay together in a beautiful huge house with home cooked meals three times a day! The turn out of people was amazing and we had some amazing students take our classes.

It was the first time Dax and I taught  a workshop in a month so, unlike Ninja Thomas and Ninja Alice who dance every weekend, we found ourselves pretty dead (I was taking a nap every chance I got!!).

A very precious moment during the weekend was meeting a band of older gentlemen (Jazz o feel) who played live music for us during the first night dance. They have been swing musicians for the past 20 some years without ever knowing such a big scene of appreciative dancers exist. They seemed so overwhelmed with joy to play for us. During the end of the night when all the dancers line up and sit down to cheer on the band’s finale, they had the biggest grins across their faces it brought tears to my eyes.

One of the night dances turned out to be the most fun I have had in a long time dancing. Why? Because the floor was terrifyingly slippery. I was so nervous at first but soon I got used to it and was doing moves on the dance floor I’ve never done before! Just like dancing in heels when your used to flats instantly changes your dancing- so does the surface of the floor! I found myself being so creative. It was exciting and inspiring. Here is a social demo of us sliding around a bit.

At the end of the amazing weekend, Julien took us to an Irish pub for some beer and saucisson!!

Thank you to Peter Wishart and the rest of the crew for a great experience!!