2016 RhythmJuice Content Sneak Peak

We have been planning a slew of new RJ content for the last year. We are finally ready to start filming and extremely excited to get our freshest ideas out there. 

Intro to Lindy Hop

Learn the basic building block required to get started with our Lindy Hop Fundamentals Courses.

Lindy Hop Fundamentals Vol 1

Learn the first essential set of variations and the core techniques that will set your lindy apart from average swing dancing. We will be working with tension based variations, momentum, stretch and getting a nice open position for the followers swivels and leader rock steps.

Lindy Hop Fundamentals Vol 2

Building on Lindy Hop Adv Fundamentals 1, we will be adding compression based variations, improving connection, adding additional restful steps, and some solid footwork replacements.

Lindy Hop Social Variations Vol 1

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Lindy Hop Social Variations Vol 2

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Lindy Hop Social Variations Vol 3

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Footwork 1: Single Substitution Fundamentals

Start your footwork journey by learning single substitution of the basic footwork rock step and triple step.  We are going to substitute the basic rock step with the delayed and rushed rock step.  We are also going to substitute the triple step, with the reverse triple step. The goal of this course is not only to teach you about footwork substitution but to also open your mind with regards to rhythm and how changing footwork often leads to changing and exploring different rhythms. You will learn to dance in harmony with your partner whether you were doing the same for work or different.

Footwork 2: Substitution Combo’s & Arrangements

You will learn to stack single footwork substitutions back to back leading to more dynamic footwork and styling. You will also learn that the 4 beat combinations are reversible which will further expand your footwork options.  By the end of this course, you will have at least 4 substitutions for the rock step, for substitutions for the triple step, and a large number of combinations that you will be able to improvise using this knowledge.

Footwork: Syncopating the Basics

We are going to be looking at the basic footwork and focusing on how to syncopate and accent sounds in the music my making little shifts to when our footwork happens. We will be dealing with syncopated rock steps, the reverse triple step, and the super syncopated triple steps. If you have been taking some of Dax and Sarah’s workshops recently you will recognize some of this material!

Lindy Hop Dynamics – Changing and Adjusting the Flow

In Lindy Hop Adv Fundamentals, you learn the basic using the flow concept. In this course we will teach you how to change the flow, and set up new flow from movements that don’t usually want to go that direction. This will give you more control over your dancing and allow for you to start making more choices instead of choices, without loosing flow.

Lindy Hop Dynamics – Repeating (Anything Once/Twice)

Break into the more serious side of improvisation and communication Dax and Sarah’s renowned concept “Anything you do once, you can do twice”. This course will dive deep into repeating, not just variations, but parts of variations and even individual steps. This is the single most important concept for building less predictable and interesting dancing.  

Lindy Hop Dynamics – Cutting down the Time

Add a totally new level of flow and dynamics to your dancing by learning to cut down the time. This means we will do things that usually take more time, in less time, and as a result it will give a more energetic and exciting flow to your dancing for a moment giving that famed rollercoaster effect made popular by the Ninjammerz.

Footwork: Weight Change Theory

You will learn the theory behind footwork, and what makes it work. Once you have a solid grasp of this, you can move on to the advanced footwork challenges without getting overwhelmed. After this point it’s just a manage of watching and copying. May this course serve as explanation for everything that you will see from here on out.

Advanced Workshops: Over Rotation

Learn to add over rotation to the basic that are designed to over-rotate. This is a exciting dynamic that will add a new layer to your dancing.

Advanced Workshops: Double Stretching

Learn to add the extra stretch that makes for a super swingin’ rhythm and blazing momentum that you find in the Ninjammerz style of dancing.

Charleston Variations Vol 1

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Charleston Variations Vol 2

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Charleston Variations Vol 3

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Charleston Variations Vol 4

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Charleston Variations Vol 5

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Charleston Variations Vol 6

Learn a total of four awesome social flows that phrase, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique variations to help you build vocabulary and style.

Authentic Jazz: Getting in the Groove

Learn to get into the groove of the music, mixing some basic jazz steps together seamlessly which tracking the swinging accent and rhythm of the music.

Anthology of Vernacular Jazz w/Juan & Dax: Vol 1-4

Learn a total of four awesome jazz phrases, where each flow contain at least 2 to 3 unique steps to help you build your solo jazz skills, rhythm and style. Dax and Juan got together and spent a week dancing, brainstorming and coming up with these amazing mini routines that will revolutionize the way you dance swing jazz!



Dax & Sarah Present…Swing90x – A Kick-Awesome TRIAL Program for Swing Dancers

Sign up for the the Swing90x waiting list!

Dax & Sarah’s new program is a 3 month adventure combining RhythmJuice’s learning environment with coaching, feedback and guidance. We will also feature our new lesson series, the Total Swing Experience, which contains our most recent ideas, exercises  and technique for Swing Dancing.

The idea is simple. Each week  you are assigned core tasks that must be completed. In addition to core tasks you are encouraged to work on bonus tasks which explore different areas the dance and culture. Those who complete core tasks continue and those who fail get booted out. Our program is recommend for people who are serious about making a change in their dancing and are willing to do more then just talk about it. We will be straight forward, this is going to be hard work. Our program is not about homogenizing dancers. It is about helping you unlock the ability to make choices that more clearly represent what you want your dancing to be. Space is limited so if you are interested read on, otherwise keep swinging!

90 day transformation programs have been proven, in many fields of self improvement, to show dramatic results.  We will give you the feedback and information necessary to make a change. In addition, you will not be alone. Our program enforces team work, partnerships and international collaboration which are crucial elements that have contributed to the success of all great dancers.

Our Goals for You:

  • improve body movement, rhythm and physical ability
  • learn to communicate body movement clearly while partnering
  • improve mental understanding of dance technique
  • improve physical understanding of dance technique
  • increase creativity and idea flow
  • refine personal style
  • improve teamwork within partnerships
  • improve teamwork within local workgroups
  • increase knowledge of jazz dance history, swing music and culture
  • have a kick-awesome time and strive to be proud of our own accomplishments

Goals for Dax & Sarah:

  • develop and fine tune our program
  • get measurable real results and testimonials on the effectiveness of the program
  • experiment with the effectiveness of RhythmJuice’s learning tools
  • contribute to raising the level of social dancing
  • contribute to making swing dancers more respectable in the eyes of non swing dancers.

Reality Check #1 – Learn to Learn

Every top level dancer did something that the rest didn’t. The learned how to help themselves. Whether it was with their own ideas or the the knowledge they acquired from others, they took their dancing into their own hands and put in the hours needed to make the change. You can talk about your goals, but if you don’t practice, it will never physically manifest.

Reality Check #2 – Practice

Practice is the most powerful concept for personal development.  Practice helps you develop a habit, and because the best dancing is unlocked when you stop thinking and start feeling, you need to develop the habits that support the dancing you desire. However, many people don’t practice, they just go dancing. Practice is doing with intent to acquire proficiency in something. Moreover, practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect and blue practice makes blue. (No Manu, “blue” doesn’t mean shit.) This means you become better at the “thing” you practice and perfection doesn’t necessarily need to be ones goal. For example, the dancer who spends a lot of time talking about dancing, will probably get really good at talking about dancing.

Reality Check #3 – No Excuses

You can do seriously do this. Swing is one of the only dance styles where greatness has never been defined by a specific body type or personality. Self doubt and laziness are the only two excuses you have left. What to do, how to do it, and when to do it are decided by us. How to fix it and how to improve can be left to our weekly feedback. I have no money? The cost is only $0.88 cents a day for a 3 month RJ premium membership dude and if you are in the the Trial Program, the guidance part is free.

Reality Check #4 – Space is Limited

Space is limited and there are some requirements that you must meet.

 If you are still interested read on… 

Requirements for participation: 

Dance Partner : There will be a lot of partner work required so you must have a fully committed dance partner for the full 90days.

Creating a Local Work Group: We recommend creating a local work group of around 2-4 couples. Working in small teams is great for inspiration and motivation. It will also allow for you to take part in the bonus tasks that require a team.

High Speed Internet: You need a fast connection that can handle video upload and streaming.

RhythmJuice Premium Subscription: We will be using RhythmJuice lessons as the primary foundation for the content and feedback system. We recommend the 3 month subscription which offers a discount over the monthly subscription.

Video Camera: You will be required to film your dancing on a weekly basis to complete tasks. We recommend an HD smartphone or something convenient that can upload to youtube with the touch of one button. Otherwise anything that takes video and allows you to upload it to youtube will work.

Practice Space: You will need a good space to practice. Something with enough room and wood floor. It should also be a place that you feel comfortable and can work without distractions.


Men, we will be doing a lot of work in hard leather shoes. You will need a pair of heeled leather sole shoes. We recommend Stacy Adams Madison or Remix’s New Men’s Captoe (http://www.stacyadams.com/shop/styles/mensShoes/classic/page0.html) as a model. Anything dress shoe can work, just get the rubber heel replaced at your local cobbler. Ask for a full leather heel for dancing. Try some second hand stores where you can usually find shoes for under $20.

Ladies, we will be doing some work in both flats and heels. Unless there is a genuine health issue you may have with wearing heels get a pair. We recommend a shoe like Remix’s Deco (http://remixvintageshoes.com/deco.html). Don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money on your shoes. There are an example. Anything with a leather sole and a small rubber heel. Try some second hand stores where you can usually find shoes for under $20.

  If you meet these requirements read on!  


Application Process

  1. Film a short video and tell us 1) why you would like to do the Swing90x challenge and 2) a little about you goals, 3) your experience with swing and 4) if you have any experience taking our classes or if this will be your first time. Then film about 1-2 minutes of your social dancing to your favorite song. (This must be a new clip, in your practice space. Not some old clip that someone took that one day and uploaded.) Try to make your video less then 2 minutes. We will be doing a lot of filming in this program and if you can’t produce a video with your partner, in your practice space or are uncomfortable doing this, then this program will probably not work for you.
  2. Upload your video to youtube (set as unlisted if you wish), and submit this link in your application. If you don’t have a youtube account, then sign up. http://www.youtube.com. We will be using youtube to share videos.
  3. Fill out the application. We will consider people in the order they apply and the Application process will be opened starting Saturday, March 10 12:00pm PST. You can however view the form to see the information we are seeking before then just don’t apply until the date or it will be disregarded.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEltSVpGN2JJVjIxejZhLVFSQ2N1bHc6MQ
  4. Sign Up for a RhythmJuice Free account. Go to http://www.rhythmjuice.com and click the Join Now Button. Get Familiar with the site. We will be using a group to manage this.


What type of things are we going to be learning? The core content will be lesson’s from our new series titled the Total Swing Experience. All these lessons will have a lesson challenge where you will be required to film yourself doing the lesson material and submit the video for basic feedback and RJ Points. We will also include exercises, solo jazz routines, bonus material and other lessons to mix it up. We are planning things to boost creativity and create a more personal style. We will ask you to complete tasks that won’t necessarily have a lesson on RJ. Stuff like break down an old video clip and try the movements. Choreograph a small section of music. We might add bonus fashion tasks where men learn how to tie a bow tie, dress better or get a gentleman’s haircut and women attempt a vintage hair-do and get fully dolled up. We are going to experiment with things that cover the full spectrum of the dance and culture. We might include written tests, name that song and musician, name that old clip, who’s this dancer etc. It is going to be fully very diverse but heavily focused on the dancing.

What are the actual dates of the Trial Program?  We are going to try to start about 2 weeks after the application opens depending on sign ups and processing applications.

Is this program an actual live dance class somewhere or all online?  This program will be completely online so you can do it from anywhere. You just need a decent internet connection. However, we are going to consider creating a series of special workshops for people who make it though the program.

What happens if I don’t make it into the program for the trial round? Once we finish the trial, we will price it and offer it with limited places based on our time availability. Eventually we even have other teachers come from the program and be able to supervise their own so that more people will be able to take advantage of it over time.

How many hours per week are you looking for from the dancers? We are going to set it up so you can do a minium of about 4 hours of physical practice, but if you want better results you can do up to something like 7-8 hours or more. Depending on your learning speed though, this may change.

How many RJ memberships are needed for the workgroup or partnership?  Each individual person needs their own RJ membership. They will be getting their feedback through this and get points for their lesson challenges that go towards their lesson status.

What about conflicts? Will there be flexibility to work around schedules and time to make up work?  We can work around schedule conflicts. We can not work around laziness and excuses. We will ask that people let us know ahead that they have a conflict.

What level is this targeted towards? We are targeting this towards enthusiasts with some dance experience. We think that a work group should have mixed levels to make for the best representation of the social dance floor. Having the mixed group will give you opportunities to learn more and see how effective your lead/follow is while working with less experienced dancers. We want to see what the program can do for beginners as much as advanced dancers and there will be options to be challenged on all levels. With our material, we don’t have beginner variations and advanced variations as much as we have beginner ways to do a things and advanced ways to do things.

Should my partner and I be at a similar level?  We recommend the levels be consistent within the partnerships, but not necessarily the work group. We don’t want teacher-student relationship within partnerships. We want equality and respect.

Can we share a lead or follow and work in a partnership of 3?  Sharing partners… This is possible as well if absolutely necessary. Maximum 3 people. I will update the application to allow for this. When submitting your challenge videos, you can all 3 people. We will explain how to do this in the tutorial videos for the program.

What if I can’t wear leather for personal Reasons?  You will need shoes that slide. We can work around vegetarian issues, but not whining such as, “I am not comfortable dancing in slick shoes and I want to use my sneakers”.

Final Notes

Sarah and I are extremely excited about working with people who are eager to improve and do the type of work that most dancers are just to lazy to do. If you feel like you are ready for this type of program, we look forward to working with you to make a real difference.

If you have any questions post them below!



ESDC 2011: Go Ninjas!

Oh my goodness what a weekend! I think this was the most exhausting I’ve been in a long time at an event but I loved every second. Other than the contests (which I’ll get to in a second) I have to give HUGE props to Sharon, Jordi, and Jana for running such an organized event. Everything was on time; the teachers were taken great care of; and the video’s have been posted faster than any other event around.

Okay, on to the contests!!

Classic: Dax and I couldn’t be happier with our experience. One of our favorite vintage clips is from Day at the Races so we thought we should give tribute. There are so many amazing dancers in the video to choose to mimic but in the end, I wanted to dress like the singer and Dax wanted to wear a fat suit. I’m actually quit proud of making that suit (I had to do a little research and thrift store shopping).
What some people don’t know (except for Sharon Davis because she’s a nerd and has memorized countless number of dance clips) is that after taking choreo from Day at the Races I wanted to dance more stylistically like Radio City Revels 1938 .

Dax rocked the fat suit so hard; we won!
Congrats to Nicolas & Mikaela. for getting 2nd (I love your routine!)

This was crazy. About a week ago, we were talking to Max and Annie about doing something for ESDC but we had nothing prepared and not sure if there was time (because at that point Dax and I hadn’t even finished our Classic routine). Also, since William and Maeva are new to the team, we do not have a lot of stuff together that everybody knows. The day the weekend started we met in the studio and only had two hours for Max&Annie and William&Maeva to teach Nicolas&Mikaela and Dax&I the routine. We barely got through learning it so it was up in the air whether or not this was going to really happen. Then on Saturday (the day of the team division), we practiced again for about an hour and just decided to go for it and see what happens.

First of all I have never done boogie in my life so I’m quite proud I don’t look ridiculously out of place. Also, I’m quite proud of the last trick of the routine. Dax and I had never done that before and we were NOT getting it during practice so I was nervous if we’d make it and we did! Go ninjas! We won!
A HUGE congrats to Argenteam for getting second. We loved the choreography and really thought it was a close call.

What a competition! I am so honored to be a part of such a division. Everyone did a fabulously entertaining job. Here is my spotlight with Marcus. This was my second time dancing with him and it ended up being so much fun!:

Check out Dax winning second with Maeva! Go ninjas!

Also Congrats to NinjaMax Pitruzella & Frida Segerdahl for winning and Todd Yannacone & Kelly Arsenault for getting 3rd! Personally, one of my favorites was NinjaAnnie &NinjaWilliam.

I am so proud of Dax and I. This is the first time doing a strictly since around the start of our partnership a year and a half ago at LONESTAR. I feel like we have grown so much in our dancing and it inspires me to see change. At first we were thinking about planning something but in the end we decided to do what we know best: Social Dance :) We got fourth.

Congrats to Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl for winning; Ninjas Max&Annie for getting 2nd; and Ninjas William&Maeva for getting third!!

Here is Dax and I doing our Moses Routine. We got 3rd!

Also, here is Dax with the boys doing a new jazz routine. I feel like this routine is going to go down in the history books. They got second!

A HUGE congrats to The Crazyers with “Wild Wild Party” for winning. This was euphoric. I love them as people and as dancers. This was probably my highlight of the weekend:

Please go and watch the rest of the clips available on ESDC youtube channel. There are so many more inspirational clips out there (especially the Ninjas taking the top two places in the Showcase division)! Can’t wait for next year!!!

Ninjammerz Berlin

Last weekend we attended the Ninjammerz workshop in Berlin. I really like working with Tanzbar because Isaac and Birgit are really great to us. This time around I got to see Birgit’s baby! Anyway, here are some of the videos from the weekend.

Here is the teacher’s intro. If your asking why Katja was hopping around on one leg, it’s because she pulled her calf muscle right before the weekend.

Here is Dax and I doing “Moses”. No matter how many times we do this routine, it is still so flipping hard to remember it when it’s happening so fast!

Here is some of us goofing off in a jam. We are actually dancing outdoors in a huge empty pool. It is such a fun idea!

Here is a video of one of the latest Ninjammerz routines. I can’t wait to learn this! Max, Annie, Thomas and Alice choreographed this last year when they were in Rome. It’s probably one of my favorite Ninja routines to date.

New Blog!

I have created a blog dedicated to vintage art/fashion. I want to separate my girly desire for clothes from the dance articles Dax and I write on here :) It’s called Vagabond Chic. The name of the blog is inspired by my never ending quest to be chic and fabulous in such a vagabond life. It is truly an art form to look and feel beautiful and still have time to work and create. If you’re interested here you go!


How Far Do You Take Your Following?

MSJF was a blast! It was amazing spending time with fellow Ninjammerz and with the entertaining Sonny Allen. During one of his speeches he went off on a little tangent. In it he said something along the lines of, “You know how a negative plus a negative equals a positive? Well, when you get one bad dancer dancing with another bad dancer, you get a GOOOOD dance!”  I can’t exactly quote him but that is what I remember.

Even though it took me a few minutes to get where he was going, I loved this statement! Dax and I preach a lot about matching; about dancing WITH your partner. I can’t help but think of what Dax usually says about drunken wedding couples; two people who have no idea what they are doing on the dance floor but they are doing it together. You can easily watch them all night. Then I think about the times I see two swing dancers on the floor…one a beginner and one the more advanced. It’s sad when it appears that the advanced dancer is taking things too seriously (I’m guessing out of frustration or boredom), and as a consequence, I see the beginner looking a little stressed from the pressure. I also rarely get a chance to witness people drastically changing the way they dance to match their partner, stylistically or technically.

At what point do we get so good that we become unwilling to temporarily sacrifice what we have built for ourselves in the name of swing dancing? Let me explain more. Think of a follower in your head that is pretty advanced. Think about her style of dancing (we all have a distinct way we like to dance). Now start putting her with different style leads. Does she change her style to match her lead or does she generally look the same? I can’t honestly think of a follower who chooses extreme change. I’m very often caught doing the same thing. It’s hard when something feels so good to you and your leader is asking you to go to a place that you don’t think you’ll like or that might look stupid.

So with that thought, ask the question, “why do you like social dancing?”. One of my top reasons why I love to social dance (and why I love to be a follower) is that every dance and every leader is different. I find it an exciting challenge to feel these differences; and understand in those few minutes the way they hear the music; chose to move their bodies; and technically view leading. I believe in going beyond appreciating that to wanting to experience it for myself. I try to join my leader’s party even if it sometimes means throwing a lot of what I believe in out the window.

I can’t tell you how many times I have a dance with a beginner student and I see pictures or a video later that I think, “OMG I was doing that?” Sometimes the pictures capture me in the most funny and akward positions but what I remember at those moments is that it was so much FREAKIN FUN! I felt like I was in a totally different body. One that wasn’t mine but just as fabulous. And that is why sometimes I like dancing with the beginners more than the higher level dancers. It’s often that the higher level dancers try to show me how much technique and variations they know. Beginners don’t have much technique or moves under their belt so the only way they know how to impress me is by dancing their hardest.

If you lead me technique and fancy moves; I will follow with technique and discipline. If you DANCE with me; I will DANCE with you

Both approaches are great and function well depending on the circumstance. There is room and a need in the swing world for everything. I just am not sure people have put much importance on learning to have the ability and willingness to do it all.

What I really like about dancing with pro leaders is how I get to go beyond matching my leader. For example, if I am dancing with JUAN (and sadly, this doesn’t happen very often). I love the idea of trying to dance as if I was a female version of him. Then I love to imagine how I would dance if I was Sharon dancing with him and for those few minutes I try to find the magic that I imagine he has with her. Then of course, I get to appreciate the way I move my body. Most people talk about “styling” as an ability to change their body movement within the lead or follow (for example replacing the rock step body movement with a kick ball change body movement). I view styling more as a way of changing the style of one body movement. I try to style by exploring how many different ways I can rock step.

Here is a video from the Ninjammerz jam at MSJF. There are a few times you see me change my body somewhat drastically. There is a part in the first solo we do of the slow section where Dax decides to do some in-and-out movement extremely loose and wiggly. We make our students do this a lot and I can’t help but feel like Gumby when I do this but it’s a great challenge because it makes you find extreme looseness and relaxation. Boy does it look silly but fun! Then towards the end of the video I dance with Thomas. He is one of my favorites to dance with when I’m trying to explore things. First of all, his rhythms and body movements are insane, I can barely keep up. Second, I love Alice’s dancing and I sometimes try to think about how she would react to Thomas.

Here is part two. At around 3:05 Dax and I do a solo. Check out how I drastically change my body movement styling. This time, they were my choices to dance different and not so much about how I was being affected by my partner. The first few eight counts I was trying to dance really smooth and tighter. At that time, I wanted to make it look like I was floating or ice skating (not that that necessarily happened. lol). Then as we started to swing out and I felt the music building; I decided that wasn’t enough for me so I imagined the end of the clip Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers Radio City Revels 1938 where the little girl is dancing with the large man, swiveling extremely low. I do one swingout attempting to do the same. I haven’t gotten them down but their getting there! The last two swingouts I think I just lost it and started whipping my head and poor Dax had to hang on. hahah.

Sometimes the choices I make end up looking really awkward but it has been one of biggest learning tools I’ve had this last year. I find it completely empowering to be able to not just follow or lead but be able to drastically change the way you move your body to fit your partner and/or the music and/or your mood.

So, wrapping this tangent up, I’d like to encourage people to not be afraid to dance ugly. To not be afraid to be completely technically wrong, and  to be more open to the various possibilities your body can experience in the name of fun!

Los Angeles in June

June is here! I am so sad to miss these upcoming events (Dax and I are in Europe) but if you live in the area, you should try to make it out to one of these!

June 10, 2011 – 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Celebration for Frank Lloyd Wright
at the Hollyhock House

The Aline Barnsdall Complex
Barnsdall Art Park
4800 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Please join us for a Birthday Celebration of America’s most celebrated architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Friends of Hollyhock House is embarking on a major fundraiser for the next two to three years to restore and revitalize the landscape in and around Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, commissioned by Aline Barnsdall, to the original specifications of Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright and father of Eric Lloyd Wright.

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles and Friends of Hollyhock House Invite you to a 144th Birthday Celebration for Frank Lloyd Wright at the Hollyhock House. The evening includes tours of the first floor of the Hollyhock House ( photography permitted), swing and sway to the tunes of the Art Deco era featuring Jim Ziegler’s Swingsations and Wendy Rea, raffle, silent auction, food trucks, wine, birthday cake and swag bags. Eric Lloyd Wright will be in attendance and for contributions to the Landscaping Fund of more than $250 you will receive a copy of the book Panorama Wright; for contributions of more than $1000 Mr. Wright will personalize your book.
$65.00 Tickets on sale now at Brown Paper Tickets
Tickets will be available at the door for $80.00
June 11, 2011 – 6:30pm – 11:30pm
Vintage! An Evening to Benefit the Italian-American Museum

The Italian Hall
424 N. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

An event presented by the Italian-American Museum, Vintage! will feature live music and dancing to the swinging sensations Big Lucky (as seen on HBO’s Entourage), delicious cuisine and classic cocktails by a celebrated chef and mixologist, and a performance by the 1920s revue the Atomic Cherry Bombs. The event will also include a costume contest and fashion show with designs by reVamp Clothing, and a presentation on the museum’s design and historic preservation endeavors.

Proceeds benefit the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles and ongoing preservation efforts of the building in which it is located, the historic Italian Hall. Constructed in 1908, the Italian Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest remaining structure from the city’s historic little Italy.

1900-1940s attire encouraged.

The Italian-American Museum is pleased to offer Art Deco Society members, supporters and social networking “friends” discounted presale tickets ($55 instead of $65 and $75 at the door) to anyone who mentions the ADSLA.

To purchase tickets, or to register for the costume contest, call (213) 485-8432 or visit www.italianhall.com
Art Deco Walking Tour
of Hollywood Boulevard
Saturday, June 18, 2011 – 9:00 a.m

Beginning in front of the Pantages Theatre
6233 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles is proud to announce the debut of a brand new walking tour of Hollywood Boulevard, where the film industry took root and flourished, defining glamour, modernity, and fun for not just the country, but the world.

Hollywood Boulevard is a microcosm of one of the great “golden ages” of L.A. architecture—the post–World War I boom that from which Art Deco, that forward–looking, sleek and iconic style, emerged.

On this tour you’ll see famous Hollywood and Art Deco masterpieces (The Egyptian Theatre and the Pantages Theatre) as well as unsung beauties that you might have walked by. You’ll see palaces of commerce along with pocket–sized examples that housed—and continue to house—a local businessman’s dream. You might think you know Hollywood Boulevard, but we bet we’ve got some surprises for you!

The tour will begin in front of the Pantages Theatre and end at Hollywood & Highland. Explore the neighborhood block by block to see what the area was, what it is, and what it will be!

By special arrangement, and in an ADSLA exclusive, we’ll take you inside the glorious Pantages Theatre, the historic Egyptian Theatre and the très glamorous Hollywood History Museum (the former Max Factor beauty palace).

This is one tour that you won’t want to miss! Be the FIRST Decophile in your neighborhood to experience Hollywood Boulevard, ADSLA style.

Open/General Public ticketing begins on Monday, June 6.
Non–Member (Open) Tickets: $15 per person (beginning June 6)



The nail bug bit me a few months ago when I was told about Shellac. I hadn’t even gotten a (good) manicure since I was in jr. high but I wanted to try Shellac for myself and see if it really was too good to be true. And oh man it was GOOD! I got hooked on the idea of something that could stay perfect and help your nails grow longer.

Now I have to be the luckiest girl alive because I googled a cheap place and ended up meeting this girl Alley. Boy, is she a gem. She ended up leaving that place and now comes to your doorstep! Yes!! That is right I feel like a celebrity.

Anyway. as I started to play with the idea of having long nails, I started looking up pictures of vintage celebrities and fell in love. This love turned into impatience and now I just went ahead and got acrylics. This was my inspiration: Lucille Ball

I wanted long daggers. And I got them!!

My only concern: how will this effect my dancing? I can handle not being able to open cans anymore but what about all the hand holds I have to do? The answer, a little bit of adjustment but completely worth it. I only feel it when I dance with leaders who lead with their fingertips (but that never feels comfortable anyway). If anything, its another obstacle to help change my dancing (just like my heels and slippery floor adventures). I’m becoming so aware of how important a hand hold is in dancing. How it effects your body and is the main source of communication between two moving bodies.

So! In conclusion: If you want long nails go ahead and get them as long as your willing to make some adjustments and are willing to pay the money. DON’T get them if you plan to dance that week. I made that mistake and it was painful because your nail bed is really sensitive the first week. I also recommend getting acrylic tips because they are stronger. I have sculpted acrylics and they were maybe not a good idea because no one does them in Europe when I need a proper fill!!!

Another plus! The boys LOVE them because you feel like scratching their backs more when you have long nails :)

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