What was it about Lindy Hop that captured your heart and drove you to make a life of sharing this dance with the world?

I‘ve been into dance since before I could really walk. I tried a bunch of different dance styles when I was younger but nothing captured my heart more than when I first discovered Frankie Manning on the television doing the shim sham.  I was ten years old and as giddy as can be. I jumped on the couch and started dancing with him! My mom figured out that Frankie was doing Lindy Hop, and that summer she sent me to a kids program. And well, the rest is history :)  I adore Lindy Hop because it is a partner dance. I love the feeling of holding someones hand and sharing a moment with them. I find the sensation of following like a roller coaster and I am hanging on with complete joy. What is so special about Swing is that it allows me to express my own creativity within the partnership – it is so sophisticated and classy, yet raw and soulful. I have spent some time in many forms of dance and there is nothing like Swing.

How did you and Dax come to be partners in dance and in life?

My earliest memory of meeting Dax was at ULHS in Minneapolis in 2005 where we got stuck competing in a contest together. I met him off and on over the years at different dance events but the only words ever spoken to each other were “would you like to dance?” from Dax and a “Thank you” from me at the end of the dance. It wasn’t until he had contacted me looking for a new dance partner that he had me come out to Montreal to train..I think we both had judgemental ideas of each other in the begining but just after three weeks all of that started to change. We found that we really got along and enjoyed dancing with each other so the partnership started. It was not too long after that when we started to fall for each other. He asked me to be his girlfriend in France last November. Poor boy had the swine flu. Could barely breath but he managed to get enough strength to sweep me off my feet. I love him for more reasons than I can say. He inspires me to grow in every aspect in my life and he gives me space to do it. I love that being with him allows me to follow my dreams (because we have a lot of the same ones) and I can picture a future with him..He’s handsome and talented and the most driven man I know. Most importantly,  he adores me and there is nothing more rewarding then feeling loved.

What have you struggled with during your dance career?

Traveling can actually get really stressful..I need a feeling of home and we havent had one. I saw my family for the first time in a year over Thanksgiving. Physically & mentally, I’ve gone through a makeover since I met Dax. He challenged everything I knew and I sometimes feel like a baby starting over!

How has it been to travel with Dax this past year and a half? What’s in your suitcase? How do you know what to pack?

Traveling with Dax has been a blessing. I dont think it could have worked out better that we work and travel together. It can get really lonely having to be somewhere new every week but Dax keeps me grounded. Sometimes we have to be really careful to keep our personal stresses separate, but at the end of the day we are here for each other. My suitcase is stuffed with all vintage clothes…sadly I have to be very limited in what I pack so, I never get to dress with full creativity because I have to pack only things I can dance in.  I have a million dance
shoes in it. I do love getting dressed up- feeling like an old movie star – it’s great that my line of work lets me do that.

What does it mean to you  to be a creative jewelry designer,  and how does that relates to your passion for dancing?

I started designing jewelry mostly because of my financial situation mixed with never feeling like I could find something to wear that reflected my own style. I love the idea of jewelry being the focal point. To dress simple and classy and let something so little in size shine and pop. Dancing and designing are similar in creative regurgitation, but dancing makes me feel more rewarded in myself and the way it makes me feel in my own body and jewelry makes me feel proud when others fall in love with something I’ve created.


Sarah Breck has been training and competing in dance with an emphasis on Vernacular Jazz dance since the age of 10. She holds two titles in the U.S.Open and the Jr. Olympics. She has consistently worked in film; commercial and music videos along side artist such as Benji and Lacey Schwimmer (SYTYCD); Christina Aguilera; Fall Out Boy; Carrie Underwood; Richard Blayne (Project Runway); Mariah Carey, Will Smith and Gavin Degraw. She teaches with Dax Hock for Vernacular Jazz and Pete Green in West-Coast Swing.

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