What was it about Lindy Hop that captured your heart and drove you to make a life of sharing this dance with the world?

Lindy encompasses more great things about dancing then any other dance I have ever seen. The movement is extremely diverse and spartan. There is a style of swing for everyone, regardless of shape and size, you are encouraged to express your own style. It is a dance that reflects the way you feel, and makes you feel good. Swing music and dancing share a inseparable relationship and inspire creativity on both sides. Most of all, Lindy Hop and swing is a lifestyle more than a dance style, and with it comes friends, family, inspiration, motivation and world travel.

How did you and Sarah come to be partners in dance and in life?

Sarah and I began working together with a dance partnership in mind. We were both totally against being in a relationship with a dance partner. We then spent a week fighting uncontrollable urges and finally gave in, only to
find out we are totally meant for each other in every way. We have come together to discover dancing in a whole new light. Working with someone you love and respect so much allows for new levels of creativity that cannot be reached with normal dance partners. We light each other fires, we have open and encouraging communication and enormous respect for each other.

What have you struggled with during your dance career?

Surviving as a dancer has always been an issue. many times I have wanted to just go back to school, and get into a more stable career, but my love for dance has always pulled through. Dancing has broken my body, I suffer from two herniated discs and chronic back pain. Regardless, I still wake up every day eager to continue, eager to teach, eager to share. Dancing has given me both confidence and humility. It has taught me how little I know and how wonderful it is to learn new things. Lindy Hop has been equally a mental battle as a physical one. There is so much psychology in partner dancing, and so many problems to solve and solutions to discover.

What has it been like to travel constantly for so many years? What’s in your suitcase?

There is nothing more exciting that traveling with a cause. I teach Lindy Hop, I travel to do so, and every weekend I find myslef in a new city with the same mission. My suitcase has gotten smaller over the years, learning to let go of more, and keep close only that which is really important. My office is my 17″ MacBook Pro, and my house is my suitcase. It is amazing what you can get done with a pair of real leather sole shoes, a nice vintage suit, a few t shirts, jeans and a MacBook!


Dax delivers a unique method of instruction that revolves around authentic swing music, natural body movement, and variations that work with minimal effort, and fun over frustration. Emphasis is heavily placed on Rhythm–not steps; Body-Movement–not footwork; Singing–not counting, and dancing as one versus isolating and holding hands with you partner. During lessons you will discover that just footwork is more like Foot-’Dont’-Work and that Body-Movement is the key to great dancing. Students will be taught movements versus single variations and string them together to make killer social dancing combinations.

Dax urge’s students to discover creativity, rhythm, great concepts such as; “Rhythmical Body-Movement”,”Anything you do once you can do twice”, “Connecting to your body to itself”, “Body-Matching”, “Body Tension Styles”, “How do you lead it?–DO IT!” and much more. Enjoy a fun and educational learning environment with customized material to meet the students needs.

Whether is it Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa or Vernacular Jazz, students will benefit from the unique learning environment and each take their own individual step forward!

Visit www.daxhock.com or www.daxandsarah.com for more information!


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