2016 Swing Out Sale

A special sale to get the year started with a WHAM!

Commit a Little, Save a Lot, Learn a Ton!

This special promotion will last until Feb 1st. Some items are extremely limited so act fast.

We are offering 6 unique products to help improve your dancing. What piques your interest?

  1. Customized classic or showcase routine choreographed by Dax and Sarah
  2. One year membership to RhythmJuice featuring ALL NEW CONTENT!
  3. The Private Lindy Retreat in L.A.
  4. Six disc instructional DVD Set
  5. Customized video lesson on any question or topic of your choice.
  6. A good ol’ private lessons @ The Lindy Loft LA, or a remote workshop location



#1 The Lindy Retreat (Los Angeles)

Come live at the Lindy Loft in L.A for one week and experienced a one on one customized training program with Dax and Sarah.

This package comes with housing and 6 Hours of private instruction for the week and 9 hours of mandatory practice. There is an option to upgrade to the 10 Hour Package for ambitions couples. You will need to cover your flights to LA, but after that we will get you picked up from the airport and you will be staying in the Lindy Loft where you will spend one week training all day, and dancing all night right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. For More Information visit this page. This deal is for a couple, and the cost may be shared between the two people.


#2 One Year RhythmJuice Membership

Dramatically improve your dancing with our feedback based learning platform!

For those of you who already know RhythmJuice, we are going to be launching an all new content library over the next few months so you can expect the value of this to really increase shortly.

For those of you who don’t yet know, www.RhythmJuice.com is an online learning environment that will help you maximize your improvement as a dancer via high quality content and teacher feedback on videos you will be submitting called challenges. Please note, both you and your partner need a subscription to work through partnered courses. You can’t purchase this deal directly one RhythmJuice, as it is only available through this special sale!


#3 Instructional DVD Package

Get a full start set of Dax & Sarah’s New Instructional DVD’s. This set is heavily discounted and includes 6 Discs recommend for Experienced Dancers. Each DVD contains 10 moves or 4 phrases of material and last about 45 minutes. Getting in the Groove is a solo body movement and rhythm workout that will get you grooving hard and moving rhythmically!

Take a Sneak Peek at Signature Moves Vol 1: Circle Surprise

  1. Getting in the Groove
  2. Signature Moves Vol 1
  3. Follower Focus Vol 1
  4. Footwork Syncopations Vol 1
  5. Footwork Variations Vol 1



#4 Showcase/Classic Routine

Give yourself the ultimate challenge!

Would you like for us to Choreograph you a professional grade routine for show or competition? We are only making two of these available! We will go through choosing a song and talking about the routine goals. We will create a sample section to test the level of difficulty and then create the full routine and a breakdown video for your to learn it. It is 100% your routine to use for performance or competition. We are wildly inspired right now so get this while it’s hot!


#5 Customized Video Lesson on any Question!

Have you ever had a question or something you just really wanted to know about but it was never taught in detail? Well now you can order a customized video lesson by Dax and Sarah in response to any question or request you are interested in. Once you place your order we will reach out via email and discuss in detail what you are interested in learning. 


#6 Private Lessons in L.A. or Abroad

One on one learning with Dax or Sarah!

Experience our first ever discounted 1 Hour Private Lesson! This can be redeemed in LA at the Lindy Loft or you could use it at any workshop abroad when Dax or Sarah are traveling. 

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